Baku Shipyard LLC

Floating Dock

28 MAY” Floating Dry Dock (FDD) measuring 168 m x 50 m is capable of lifting and accommodating vessel of maximum 25,000 T displacement.

The maximum breadth of vessel can accommodate is 34 meter with maximum drafts not exceeding 7.0 meter.

Cranes on top deck – 2 x 20 t

The Dock is intended to lift ships out of the water and to transfer ships to the Transfer Area of the Shipyard (and vice versa). 20T Dock Cranes and 300T Gantry crane with electric drives move along the rail tracks, automatic panel line, and trolley transfer system.

The Dock is floating type, single pontoon, two‐wing walls, steel structured, non‐propelled, non‐autonomous with regard to power supply with direct connection to the shore.

The Dock performs the following main functions:

  1. Lift ships out of water for repair inside the Dock
  2. Lift ships out of water and transfer to the quay side to Transfer Area of shipyard
  3. Launching of new build 

Technically, the dock is completely new, and its life time is around 50 years.

TTS-Transfer Trolley system

TTS trolley which can transfer vessel from Floating Dock to the Repair Slab for further repair. Maximum trolley lifting & transfer capacity for transferring vessel of 18,000 T displacement. TTS is capable to determined very accurate weight and COG (LCG, TCG) of any vessel, pontoon, barge etc. It gives a big specter of possibility, for example calculation of exact quantity of ballast which should be add before launching vessel.

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