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The construction of a ship is a highly technical and complicated process. It involves the blending of many skilled trades and contract employees working under the control of a primary contractor. Shipbuilding is performed for both military and commercial purposes. It is an international business, with major shipyards around the globe competing for a fairly limited amount of work.

Ship Repair & Conversion

Ship repair generally includes all ship conversions, overhauls, maintenance programmes, major damage repairs and minor equipment repairs. Ship repair is a very important part of the shipping and shipbuilding industry.


Marine engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of ships, boats, and offshore structures. It is a multidisciplinary field that combines elements of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, and computer science to address the specific challenges and requirements of marine environments.


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How We Do The Job

Being the most modern shipyard within the Caspian region, we are always striving to deliver top quality products and provide the best services to all of our customers with:


Active employees


Completed new build projects


Completed Repair/Conversion Projects
Why Baku Shipyard?

Safe and Secure Berthing Bay

1100m quayside with average depth 7 m, equipped with all necessary means

Convenient and Well fitted Floating Dock

168m x 40m, with capacity of docking vessels up to 25000 ton

TTS – Ship Transfer System

Lifting & transferring vessels up to 18.000 ton and performing simultaneous repair/conversion works

High Quality Assurance and Safety Management

Functioning as designed and in line with compliance requirements. No operation has priority over HSE

Maximum flexibility and Customer Care

A flexible, but practical approach to customer requirements with effective planning, efficient project management and strict process monitoring

Better engineering solutions and professional approach

Continues challenge ourselves to improve the way we work and maintain collaborative approach in each individual contribution while maintaining personal accountability

Message from the GM

Dear Friends and Partners,

Welcome to Baku Shipyard!


As Caspian Sea’s largest shipbuilding and ship repair facility, we are proudly serving the marine and offshore industry with the highest quality standards.
Being a brand new shipyard and equipped with most modern facilities we focus on the latest marine technological advancements and adapt new construction methodologies to our new build projects. 
In doing so, we always prioritize the HSE and Quality aspects of our operations philosophy. In this regards, we have achieved accreditation of ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015 and OHSAS 18001-2007 on Safety and Quality Management System.

Our continuous commitment to achieving the best marine standards available in the industry provides our shareholders and customers with the assurance and trust they have in us.
Through our wide spectrum of the business offering, the commitment of our highly skilled team, and the support of our partners, BSY is on track to become the market leader in commercial and specialized shipbuilding.

Imanverdi Hasanov | General Manager

Our Team

“Ideal Piping systems are deliver the best quality and perfection.”

Khaliyaddin Farzalizade

Deputy Piping HOD

“We follow the path of the latest technologies, relying on old traditions!”

Kamran Ibadov

Senior Electrical Engineer

“The knowledge and skills of young professionals play an exceptional role in the building of the new vessels that serve the economic wealth of the country. We are proud to be part of that! ”

Elmir Aliyev

Deputy Mechanical HOD

“We protect property to bring surface to life.”

Kanan Avazli

Assistant Painting & Blasting HOD

“Our main duty is not only to build a vessel' structures sustainable and safe, but also to do the highest standards at our disposal.”

Kamran Azizov

Deputy Hull HOD

“Time is very essential in shipbuilding, as quality and safety. Being project engineers, we do our best to achieve project deliverables in the shortest time by maintaining quality and safety at the highest level.”

Elmir Shamkhalli

Senior Project Engineer

“Quality assurance is our responsibility and we never have to stop getting better.”

Nazim Mustafayev

QA/QC Inspector

“Operating in a competitive and changeable environment we provide the best solutions for our clients by implementing contemporary technologies and modern project management strategies.”

Azad Aliyev

Project Manager

“Floating Dock is a ship repair facility of technical fleet, designated for lifting a ship afloat from the water, repair it (or transporting) and launching it. Only Baku Shipyard and our Floating Dock in Caspian area able to repair every vessel in Caspian sea.”

Rashad Bayramov

Deputy Dock Master

Naval Architecture is a study in Engineering, dealing with design, building, operation, and maintenance of floating structures and vessels. Naval Architect does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by resources of questionable accuracy.”

Narmin Rustamova

Naval Architect
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