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The Engineering Department is one of the main sections of Baku Shipyard that contain specialized engineers from all relative trades. Our Shipbuilding Engineering Division can design a wide range of ships with high quality and reliability for national and international clients. We undertake all activities including complete class design, detail design, production drawings, production and project technical support, bill of materials report, equipment tests and trials. Our focus is always on maintaining schedules and meeting the contractual targets. The design work is carried out with a full guarantee and in line with the standards of the world’s major classification societies, such as Det Norske Veritas, American Bureau of Standards, Lloyd’s Register for Shipping, Bureau Veritas, China Classification Society, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping etc.

Product-oriented design organizations are the way Baku Shipyard are headed. This type of structure produces a design that is producible and consistent with the production process. The advantages of our chose of the organization are in the direct support of production. Since the design is being used directly by the production department, there is no buffer between the designer and the production trades. Communications are enhanced, leading to faster resolution of problems and a better design.

Although Baku Shipyard is mainly designed for shipbuilding, however, its role in support of industry and developmental engineering is prominent. It has a long record of service to industry and during a slump in the shipbuilding industry, has promoted further diversification of its general engineering activities.

Car Railway Passenger Ferry - Detail Design Stage

Functional Design

Zone (Or Transition) Design

Production Control

Production Design

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