Aim & Objectives

“Employers shall be required to ensure that , so far as is reasonably  practicable, the workplaces , machinery, equipment and processes under their control are safe and without risks to health. Employees have responsibility to protect themselves and those around them from harm. They are expected to cooperate with their employer with regard to obligations placed upon the employer, including reporting any situation that presents imminent risk or danger” International Labor Organization

In  Baku Shipyard LLC  yard everybody has a right to stop any unsafe job so that:

BSY is  committed in achieving excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental performance  at its  workplaces . We work towards ACCIDENT FREE.  Our aims are  ZERO ACCIDENT, ZERO LOSS,  NO HARM TO PEOPLE, NO DAMAGE  TO PROPERTY and NO HARM TO ENVIRONMENT. We shall achieve our target by:
  • No operation has priority over HSE;
  • HSE is a line management responsibility and extends throughout the organization;
  • Manage HSE like we do Quality, Cost , Production  and  Schedule;
  • A good communication;
  • Promote positive Health and Safety Culture and Behavior ;
  • Demonstrate   environmental   awareness   through  improved   technical   and  operational  solutions;

HSE Management Plan

It is recognized that safe working practices and due consideration of environmental factors contribute directly to the overall efficiency and success of our business and therefore  HSE  issues shall have equal status with other project objectives. All personnel involved in project shall be briefed on the content of the HSE   Management Plan by their respective supervisors before the start of their work. In general, BSY shall be responsible for ensuring the safety and integrity of the worksite, and the implementation of its  HSE  Management Plan.  Visitors shall receive an abridged induction prior to entering the work site by the respective yard personnel that the visitor seeks to visit. Likewise, BSY Project Manager shall be responsible to ensure that of all BSY third party personnel are briefed on this plan.

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Policy

Baku Shipyard LLC is fully committed to pursue excellence in the industry’s standards with best practices on HSSE of our Design, Development, Construction, Testing & Commissioning, Conversion, Upgrade and Repair of Ships and Mobile or Stationary Offshore Units and other Specialized Vessels, including fabrication of marine / offshore steel structures in Caspian Region. Our people expected to have relentless mind to pursue HSSE as our top priority and actively seek continuous improvement and assurance in our practices. Our commitments:
  • To ensure Safe and Healthy working conditions
  • To provide adequate control on Health and Safety risks arising from our work activities
  • To constantly remind and provide awareness to employees on HSSE practices
  • To continuously provide improvement to all HSSE practices and by this to enhance HSSE performance
  • To ensure all employees are competent to perform their tasks and continuously provide training to enhance their competency on HSSE
  • To prevent injury and ill health to our workforce
  • To prevent pollution and minimize any adverse environment impacts  of our workplace through proper environment management planning and procedures
  • Continuously enhance environmental protection and sustainable use of resources, promote environmentally friendly technologies, minimize the waste generation and look for opportunities to maximize recycling & re-use of waste
  • To comply with all applicable Legislations, Regulations, Code of Practices, Standards, Corporate and other Requirements
  • To ensure proper security of our yard with vigilant surveillance
  • To communicate this HSSE policy to all employees for understanding and compliance, and to ensure that all employees aware of their individual HSSE obligations, as well as make this policy available to relevant interested parties.
This HSSE Policy shall be reviewed at least once a year for continuing suitability as part of the Management review process.

BSY drug and alcohol policy:

Baku Shipyard LLC believes in supporting the long-term well-being and health of its employees by providing amongst other things, a safe working environment. This policy  is seriously threatened when any employee or contractor:
  • Uses alcohol, drugs or substances during working hours;
  • Presents themselves for work whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Possesses, distributes or sells drugs or substances in the said workplace;
In order to address this issue Baku Shipyard has established the following  rules: Any employee, visitor or contractor found to be in possession of, under the influence of, or trading or offering for sale drugs or substances for illegal use within the workplace, shall be in direct contravention of company policy; Anyone reporting for work under the influence of alcohol, drugs or substances either illegal or legal  (legal  being  for  example,  alcohol  or  solvents)  shall  be  in direct  contravention  of company policy; All of the above violations are subject to disciplinary procedure up to, and including termination of employment; Any employee taking regular prescribed medication shall report to the site medical facility the type ; Disciplinary action  shall be taken against any  employee failing  from  tests  or  refusing to participate unless the employee gives a suitable reason that is satisfactory to the company ;

HSE Policy