Baku Shipyard LLC

Piping section mainly focused for Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel marine piping, hydraulic tubing, aluminum, copper, copper-nickel, and plastic pipe fabrication & installation, support fabrication & installation jobs on new build vessels. As well, repair, replacement, re-routing of the pipe systems on vessels during repair and conversion activities. Large and well equipped Pipe Workshop, store for carbon steel spool fabrication and separately organized Exotic Pipe Shop for the exotic spool fabrication and storage allows performing safe, providing best services and delivering qualitative product. Skilled fitting and welding personnel able to perform not only Marine Piping and Hydraulic Piping works, but also qualified for offshore standards, Oil and Gas piping, Alloy Steel Piping, Diving Piping, and Boiler Piping also.

The major equipment are at the workshop is:

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