Baku Shipyard has annual capacity to accept 100 different types of vessels for ship repair activities. Floating dock, TTS ship transfer system, repair slab for more than 10 vessels, etc. are tools to realize any kind of ship repair job. Israfil Huseynov, one of the largest barges on the Caspian Sea, has docking displacement equal to 14.000 tons. Due to not evenly distributed load, bending moment of floating dock could be reached to the edge limit. But after successful calculations and proper support devices distribution, the barge was carefully docked and stayed for a month period of repair.Baku Shipyard has completed works on the dock repair and upgrades of three installation vessels – the Pipe Lay Barge “Israfil Huseynov”, the Diving Support Vessel “Tofiq Ismayilov” and the Derrick Barge “Azerbaijan”, within the framework of the second stage of development of a large gas condensate field Shah Deniz in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea.

Floating Dock

“Baku Shipyard’s Floating Dock (FD) measuring 168 meter length x 50 meter width is capable of lifting and accommodating vessel of maximum 25,000 T. displacement. The maximum breadth of vessel we can accommodate is 34 meter with maximum drafts not exceeding 7.0 meter.We have two quays with each measuring 300 meters long, can accommodate vessels with maximum drafts not exceeding 7.0 meters for afloat repair alongside our yard.For vessels that require longer repair period or for conversion and upgrading works, we have the TTS trolley which can transfer vessel from our Floating Dock to the Repair Slab for further repair. Maximum trolley lifting & transfer capacity for transferring vessel of 18,000 T. displacement

Transfer Trolley System (TTS)

Transfer Trolley system 2 x 28 . (Baku 1 & Baku 2) + 4psc spare trolley

TTS trolley which can transfer vessel from our Floating Dock to the Repair Slab for further repair.

Maximum trolley lifting & transfer capacity for transferring vessel of 18,000 T. displacement.

A vessel is designed to be supported by the water, a total compliant medium which allows the vessel to receive support where applied by displacement on the hull of the vessel, thus providing the pressure necessary to support the distributed weight of the vessel. The compliancy provided by the buoyancy forces does not impose point loads on the vessel’s hull.

TTS is capable to determined very accurate weight and COG (LCG, TCG) of any vessel, pontoon, barge

etc. It gives a big specter of possibility, for example calculation of exact quantity of ballast which should

be add before launching vessel. Block assembly mode of transferring system allows

the shipyard to build mega blocks without being limited by crane. By using trolleys lifting system,

motor and manipulators the system can accurately position a block for assembly.

Floating Dock
• Dimensions: 168m x 50m with 2×20-ton jib crane
• Maximum docking capacity: 25,000 ton
• Maximum transfer capacity: 17,000 ton

Ship Transfer System
• The transfer system operates on one level
• No pit required
• Flush rails will allow for cross traffic all over the yard

• Total length, including piers: 1,630 m
• 2 x 25 ton luffing crane coverage along quay and piers
• Average water depth: 7 m
• Bollard pull test capacity at Pier: 250 ton
• Transfer/repair slab: 340 m x 137 m
• Steel plate and section stockyard: 108 m x 34 m
• Pipe fabrication shop: 167 m x 34 m
• Mechanical workshop: 208 m x 34 m
• Blasting and paint hall: 53 m x 33 m
• Steel fabrication shop: 295 m x 100 m
• Shipbuilding and Ship repair positions:
• Quay side: 10 -16 positions
• Land side: 8-14 positions
• In Dock: 1-2 positions

Equipment Gallery

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Workshops Gallery

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