MV “Topaz Arrow”

This vessel Multi purpose supply vessel arrived on 10/11, direct docking for steel repair and class survey. Vessel was undocked on 28/11 and berthed at East Quay for completion of remaining works. The vessel redelivered on 25/12.

IMO: 9207015




Scope of work:

Docking and undocking

Cleaning of the underwater area by the scrappers

Washing of the underwater area by the high pressure machine

Cleaning sludge, blasting, painting & repair with hydraulic test sea chest

Remove all sea chests grids (PS, STB & FW bottom)

Remove grids Bow Thruster

Replace anodes after inspection. Supply anodes by the Owner’s Representative

Protection of anodes with tape during blasting and painting works

Painting in of draft marks, name, port of registry and load line logo’s on the ship’s side

Thruster marks

Cleaning & high pressure wash to 3000 psi Ballast water tanks.

Ballast tank 1 Fore Peak   Fr.86    FORE    V-33 m³

Ballast tank 8 Stability Fr.22    to 28 V-59 m³

Ballast tank 9 PS&STB Fr.10    to 22   V-27×2 m³

Ballast tank 14 After peak Fr.10    After    V-20×2 m³

New joints was  fitted to all manhole.  Nuts and studs was renewed where required.

The following fuel tanks has cleaned. Any debris and sediment has removed.

FO tank 5C (Central)  Fr.45 to 61        V – 62 m³

FO tank 7S                       Fr.28 to36         V – 36 m³

FO settling tank 13P    Fr.4 to 10          V – 24 m³