Docking of “Israfil Huseynov”

Israfil Huseynov, one of the largest barges on the Caspian Sea, has docking displacement equal

to 14.000 tons. Due to not evenly distributed load, bending moment of floating dock could be reached to the edge limit. But after successful calculations and proper support devices distribution, the barge was carefully docked and stayed for a month period of repair.

Scope of work:

  • Removal the safety net from the helicopter platform with the dock crane
  • Cleaning and painting
  • Total HP pressure water, Disposal of marine, blasting and painting
  • Piping (repair and replacing, dismounting and cleaning)
  • Mechanical (repair and replacing)
  • Hull (repair and replacing)
  • Electrical (Carry out check, repair and tighten up terminal connection Test the function of local / remote start / stop and auto system)