MV “Caspian Endeavour”

This Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel ( AHTS) owned by Topaz Marine & operated by BUE Caspian came for dry docking repair from the  period 20th Feb till undocked and sailed off on 4th March.


IMO: 9408839





Scope of work:

Cleaning of the underwater area by the scrappers.

Full Sweep blasting SA1 of the underwater area (1850 m² ) + Thruster tunnel spaces (73 m²) prior Painting

“Full Sweep blasting  SA 1 of the hull side (930 m2)

Full Sweep blasting SA 2.5 of the hull side and underwater area

Cleaning of the hull bottom by high pressure water washing machine

Paint the underwater part of the ship’s hull, tunnel thrusters and outboard opening protective coating (paint-site) according to Paint scheme

Painting of the hull top side

“Protection of bow thrusters, propellers, impressed current, echo sounder, windows and scuttles”

“Remove seachest grids, clean inside seachest space and install back the grids.”

Port and Starboard freeboard, Draft marks Ships name and Port of registry hig

hlighted in white paint

Thruster Marks

Interior of valve bodies thoroughly cleaned of marine growth and coated with anti-fouling. Valves reassembled using new joints and Gland packing throughout

Carry out NDT test of the rudder and propeller blades introduced to the class.

Check the rudder stock’s clearances and provide report to the class